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Interview with Yoann Lemoine, director of Graffiti AIDES spot
Written by Stephane    Friday, 12 February 2010 00:00    Print E-mail

Warning:  sexual content that are not recommended for any public !

Like every year, AIDES association launches its campaign to strengthen its field actions with Zizi Graffiti, a humorous spot directed by Yoann Lemoine. This great animated film reminds that the HIV vaccine doesn't exist and that the best protection is condoms.
The action takes place in a public toilet where graffitis abound. Among them, a weenie is desperately looking for a relationship with his female counterpart. Unfortunately, all the drawings avoid like the plague and Zizi wanders like a lost soul behind basins and drains. Until a real girl, touched by his distress, draws him a condom. The effect is immediate: the character is assailed by a horde of female graffitis.
Once again, sensitivity is an expression of Yoann Lemoine' style. His animated film for Tiji channel, The Balloon, and his metaphor of the imagination of children are still in our memories. Zizi Graffiti is an excellent movie whose basic idea - graffitis as characters - is brightly running until its conclusion. Zizi is a nice character that is a real tour de force considering its nature. Second tour de force, the film has nothing alarmist or inappropriate. An urban fable whose necessary happy ending leaves an optimismic imprint in people's minds.

- How did you become involved in this new AIDES campaign ?

My production company, Wanda, came with the project from TBWA. I think the creative people thought to me because of the success of my previous animation film for Tiji Channel, The Balloon, with which we won a Silver Lion in Cannes last year. When I read the script, I immediately understood the power of viral challenge and the movie interested me. The script was very different from my previous films.

- The place and the characters are somewhat atypical. Did you have carte blanche or was it a very precise art direction ?

The agency came up with the idea of toilets and graffiti. I was quite free on the artistic direction of the film. Barthélémy Maunoury worked on the designs of 'characters' and I'm made sure of everything was consistent and realistic.

Spot Graffiti AIDES

- Can you give us some insight on how the film was made ?

Initially we tried to find our hero, the weenie. It was a little difficult to give him a maximum expressiveness without putting arms and legs and transforming him into a human.
It was really fun to do. One day, we shot empty plans in 16mm in which we inserted animations, mostly made by Yves Bigerel, in post production at Mikros.

- The film is a showcase for 2D animation and tracking. What is the biggest challenge you have faced ?

The movie was not so much a technical challenge. It could have been but for me, it was not the main goal of the film. Everything depends on the play and the quality of the animation. It is easier to forgive an error of accuracy in superimposition or tracking rather than expressiveness and animation. Technically, Mikros rocks ! They were very strong on the spot.

- How many times and people were necessary to do this project ?

4 to 5 persons in post-production and fifteen during the shooting. From beginning to end, I would say about thirty people involved in building the film.

- At last, can you tell us about any upcoming projects ?

I'm working on my first short film in live action commissioned by Vogue Italia which is somekind of a "fashionable" and black project, very graphic, and that has nothing to do with AIDES.
I also work on my first album ! I am also a musician and the first EP should be released in spring.

Planches Graffiti AIDES

Planches Graffiti AIDES

Planches Graffiti AIDES

Thanks to Clémentine Buren (Wanda Prod) for her support.

Credits :
Client : AIDES
Agency : TBWA
Art Director : Ingrid Varetz
Creation director : Remy Noel and Eric Holden
Director : Yoann Lemoine
Agency producer : Virgnie Chalard and Maxime Boiron
Production company : Wanda Productions
Executive producer : Jérôme Denis

Post-production : Pascal GIROUX for MIKROS IMAGE /Olivier GLANDAIS for WANDA PRODUCTIONS
Designer : Barthélémy MAUNOURY
Lead Compositing 2D : Vincent Venchiarutti
Lead Animation 2D : Yves Bigerel 
Compositing 2D : Jean-Yves Parent and Remy Soyez
Animation 3D : Morgan Sagel and Mickael Nauzin

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