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A magazine named desire
Written by Stephane    Wednesday, 09 May 2012 00:00    Print E-mail

Teaser Kromag 07

You had waited for, then you had fantasized, and you had given up on it, convinced that there would never be another issue. Hear ye, hear ye! Dream is again possible because the next Kromag is currently in progress.

Des voeux et des hommes
Written by Stephane    Tuesday, 31 January 2012 22:50    Print E-mail

2012 til beyond

Ca faisait un moment que rien ne faisait vibrer le site. En cause, un emploi du temps de plus en plus difficile à concilier avec l'activité éditoriale qui nous intéresse. Ce ne sont pourtant ni les idées, ni l'envie qui manquent...
Mais plutôt que d'aligner les vaines résolutions, je préfère m'en tenir à quelques promesses simples. Ne serait-ce qu'attaquer ce fameux nouveau numéro de Kromag, l'arlésienne de 2011 (et de 2010, 2009... Sick !). Et pourquoi ne pas lui donner un petit coup de jeune au passage (l'apparition de nouveaux outils comme iBooks Author ouvre un champ des possibles passionnant). Dans l'immédiat, je vous invite à faire connaissance avec la page Facebook de Kromotion que j'ai enfin pris le temps de créer. Et plus si affinités...

Reasons for silence
Written by Stephane    Wednesday, 21 July 2010 00:00    Print E-mail

It's alive

May the most worried be reassured: Frankenstein was right!

That said, good effort. More than three months without any single word... sad record.
I am even less proud that I have received several messages asking me if I stopped. Even if the idea occurred to me, this is not yet valid.

Life and hiccups of the new site
Written by Stephane    Wednesday, 30 December 2009 18:00    Print E-mail

Several weeks have passed since the launch of the site and it's time to make some comments. Above all, the reception has been quite positive, which is always nice when you commited yourself in a project. Thank you so much for your messages of support.

It is still running-in period and a lot of things must be improved, like the RSS feed that is a bit problematic with the bilingual website (in my opinion, a big weakness of Joomla and Joomfish component. The info may help someone...) . As the pace of writing, it depends on my courage to translate the texts into English. Yes, I know that Google Translate exists but it does not do everything and is often very rough.

At last, I'm late but I wish you all Happy Holidays. Hoping that Santa Claus was generous. And for more glitter, check out the selection offered by Motionographer which I add the Greeting Card by Sapristi Studio.

First editorial
Written by Stephane    Monday, 23 November 2009 15:25    Print E-mail

First editorial

A well-known adage says that "When one loves, one does not count." So we have attempted to update the site without counting the time nor the energy. Indeed, after several months of hard work, we can assure you that it is true. However, the site had not changed since 2007 and it seriously needed.

In short, it's the same thing, only better. We have chosen to integrate more topics in a more functional and scalable format. Otherwise, the passion remains the same: the motion graphics continue to fascinate us as a bridge between the media and trends. Now, the activity had never been so intense and it seems that it is not ready to stop. So, we logically try to contribute with enthusiasm.